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Hi lovely,


Firstly, I want to thank you for taking the time to visit my page and to read more. I want to create heart based connections where we all can feel, we are part of the same light, one humanity.


Currently, I’ve decided to get out of social media, because I feel it takes too much of my time and I want to give more of myself to those of you, who resonates with what I have to give.


I think this whole life is a journey where we can reinvent or rebirth ourselves, over and over again. 


Spiritual growth is dear to my heart. My biggest wish is to help others in their spiritual growth too.


The last 15 years I’ve been walking the spiritual path more consciously. In a way, it seems it’s a journey one can not choose to NOT walk. I thought I would be working in the insurance business forever, but I simply couldn’t. Life had other plans for me. 


So, about 15 years ago, I quit my work in the office, took a year sabbatical leave and trained to become a yoga instructor. The years before that, I was shaken to my bones by multiple personal tragedies, that I am now grateful for. It was what woke me up to start to think about what really matters in life. 


My sensitivity and intuition have become stronger. I find it now easier to listen to my heart. I also feel the energies of other people, sometimes quite literally. 


To be out in nature restores and renews. The trees and the forest is a place where I always feel loved. 


I also have a special love for crystals. A couple of years ago I created an online business,, where I sell ethically and ecologically sourced crystals, from Finland. I actually personally dig some of the crystals too and all the jewellery is made by me. You find them here: 


You are always welcome to drop me a line to


With love from my heart to yours,


Monika Mäkitalo I Luontoyhteysohjaaja


Lyhyesti minusta

-henkisen kasvun kanssakulkija


-sydäntietoisuus -meditaatio ohjaaja


-"Sydämen valo" -energiahoitaja

-valtiotieteen maisteri

-podcast juontaja sarjassa "Viisas sydän" -eettisten kivien ja kristallien online kaupan perustaja

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