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Social media junk and human evolution

Life on Earth, as we know it, is getting more and more split up. The energy is scattered, and split into smaller and smaller pieces. This is an accelerating process and will end in destruction.

However, it’s a positive change we will see. Keep reading.

Senses overloaded

You can probably see this process in your own life. Your mind is daily bombarded with information, thus your attention is continuously drawn here and there. Our senses are filled over the edges and we don’t take (I hope I’m wrong) enough time for just being in silence. Breakfast sandwiches are eaten with the bread in one hand and the other hand doing something ‘important’ on the mobile phone.

We don’t even appreciate what keeps us alive - food - and fully emerge in the joy of eating.

We think we need to always be available online for our work community and friends and family. Yet, it is not long ago since there were no mobile phones and it was completely fine. If you weren’t home, you couldn’t be reached by phone or messages, how simple and beautiful!

Dopamine addiction

Social media is build to over and over again satisfy you. The “feel good” chemical dopamine is released every single time you receive a ‘like’ or a ‘comment’ or just by someone looking at your stories. When you get hooked on what gives you dopamine, it is called addiction. How many million or billion (!) people are social media junkies in the world right now? I was. Are you?

Leaving social media was the most loving act I could do for myself.

Love without action isn’t love.

Being present

I could immediately see my ability to be present improved. Of course so!

Just before the snow arrived I picked up the last carrots from my little garden and there was one very funny looking root buddy. Old habit would have liked to pick up the phone to take a pic and put it on the Instagram stories, instead, I just looked at it and felt a renewed and joyful connection to earth.

Life is full of these tiny little moments of magic, where you get to experience small or big moments of joy, insights or seeds of wisdom.

Being present helps you feel and understand yourself and your surrounding a little bit deeper. You feel more gratitude for what is. To just be there and experience Life is what life is about, not to try to get more, be more, achieve more. That’s exhausting and a part of that too quickly spinning world.

Where are we heading as humanity?

Now, to come back to my first sentence, about energy getting split into smaller and smaller pieces. I think the world will continue to rotate, metaphorically speaking, faster and faster. The faster it spins, the more junk will fall off.

I believe, humanity’s consciousness is raising and evolving. This is a time that was predicted by our far time ancestors. Evolution of consciousness. Humans learning to think with the heart.

What is wrong will be brought right in front of us to deal with. Not to fight against, but to bring in something better, something that is based in pure love.

When you, for instance, witness someone else doing wrong, instead of condemning, find understanding by remembering a time when you yourself did something wrong. Find forgiveness for others by forgiving yourself. We are all humans and we all need to learn to love. No one is better or worse than the other.

Life at it’s best, is peaceful and whole. Each individual can remember they are part of a whole. Oneness lives in our veins. Love brought us to earth. Love is what keeps us alive. love will take us back to our origin, the light of unconditional love.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. Be brave with your choices and let them be centred in love.

Big hugs,


Further resources to look into:

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