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About finding balance through movement.

On a walk in crispy -15 degrees Celsius in Vihti, close to Nuuksio National park in Southern Finland, two clear messages came to my mind:

Everything has a meaning.

Everything has a solution.

These words gives a lot of comfort.

When I take these words into my heart, I understand that nothing is in vain and that one can overcome anything.

Sometimes we end up in a dead end, struggling with a feeling of stagnation. Nothing moves forward and in worst cases, we don't even want things to change because of fear.

We might fear the unknown or other peoples reactions to our actions. We might be dead serious about possible rejection from others. Frustration and disappointment are like familiar faces around the breakfast table....

"You're still here", we sigh as we look into the mind and it's repetitious thoughts and patterns.

Glimpses of Light and Relief

Yesterday had an a-ha moment! You know, one of those little glimpses of light, that runs through all the veins in a second, yet leaving an everlasting imprint. Giving hope and relief.

I realised, that when we dare to stand face to face with our own fears and incompleteness, we understand that every single one of us goes through their own struggles and life lessons.

Every time I judge someone else, I judge a part of myself. And every time someone else judges me, they too judge a part in themselves too.

We are not separate from each other.

Awareness is the Beginning

We truly have to believe, that every single human is trying his or her best. Always.

When we finally awaken to see our own, sometimes crazy(!) beliefs and behavioural patterns, it should be a moment of joy!

"How come?"

"Because then we can do something about it."

Taking responsibility of one's own wellbeing is necessary, and the prerequisite for balance and harmony. For some people it's very natural, where as others might have to make more conscious choises.

How to make a change?

Small steps at a time.

Even a microscopically small step can be a great advancement.

Allowing oneself to feel what comes up when change is pursued is a good idea. That gives the opportunity to realise where fear resides and what triggers it.

Fear is your friend, and should be treated gently and with love. Not pushing it away.

I know this is not easy, believe me!

A dear friend of mine said to me:

"You want to grown spiritually, mentally, but yet you are bound by your fears!"


"Yes, that's true...", I responded, feeling like the worst loser ever.

So how the heck overcoming fears?

I think we can integrate change into our being, for good, if we allow ourselves to feel everything that comes up.

This again requires us to integrate our shadow parts into our whole being. To see, admit, embrace and finally love every single part of oneself. Also the seemingly shameful, ugly, regretful, stupid.

Allowing, embracing, integrating - one step at a time.

Knowing we are continously loved, no matter what.

Mind and body as one

  • The mind does not walk alone.

  • Mind walks with body.

Through physical movement of the body we can release blocked energy in the body - and mind.

Life force runs within us - Eastern traditions talk about Qi and prana, in the West we may simply call it life force energy.

Regardless of what name we use, this energy needs to move freely within us, to ensure balance in both mind and body.

We may balance our mind by giving loving attention to the body. The body is of this Earth, and needs love and care, just like a flower needs certain conditions to bloom.🌺

Humans, as all living in nature, has an innate strive for equilibrium. Sometimes we just need a little push to get going.

Tools to release blockages

Find a way that suits you and know you don't have to do it alone.

Yoga, acupuncture, walks in nature... there's a solution for everything.

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Thank you for reading.

Big hugs, much love.


ps. one little step and then the next, gently and lovingly -and that's enough! <3


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